The essay is a type of text that allows the writer to express their personal opinion on the subject being discussed.

It is a text very similar to the opinion article, where the personal tone of the text and the author’s vision are the fundamental elements.

Its extension can vary from short to extensive according to the style of the writer, and is the genre par excellence to give free rein to intellectual thought, therefore it is also known as a space for the exercise of thought and writing.

Now, the essay mixes characteristics of different types of texts such as expository, descriptive, and especially argumentative texts.

Hence, they are the type of text preferred by writers and also by the university institutes, since they are the perfect space to develop ideas and accompany them with research.

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentation is a fundamental element of every essay. The argumentative essay is the text where expressive freedom is conjugated in terms of ideas and opinions, with the exercise of argumentation to bring meaning and reasonableness to what is expressed in the text.

Argue is to explain, provide the reasons why we consider that a proposal or thesis is true, relevant to a particular field of study or simply to our opinion according to the experience we have in the subject.

The argumentative essay is then a text where the author exposes his ideas regarding the subject in question, while providing the reasons throughout the writing, for which he considers his opinion is valid.

In this sense an argumentative essay is almost any essay; However, in the clearly argumentative essay, the author breaks down the subject treated while constantly arguing the ideas that are being shaped.

In an argumentative essay the author generally seeks to demonstrate that his thesis or approach is correct and for that he can resort to quotes from other authors to guide and support his opinion.

Characteristics of the argumentative essay

Free theme The author presents a topic of interest on which he will present his ideas.

Variable extension. The argumentative essay can be short or extensive according to the author’s need, that is, according to the space required to develop his ideas.

Formal Language Every essay makes use of a pleasant language for the reader, but always respects the formality of the discourse. Thus the argumentative essay can be written in the first person, but always making use of appropriate words.

Coherence. The argumentative essay must be coherent to allow the reader to understand the ideas. The coherence implies a correct interrelation of the ideas in the text, respecting the grammar rules and the use of punctuation marks.

Arguments Logically, an argumentative essay must contain strong arguments that provide reasonableness and credibility to the ideas presented. These arguments are used by the author and can be supported by other authors.