Example of argumentative essay

The notion of people in the theology of Pope Francis

By María Luisa Angarita

Understanding “People” as a notion or construct is limited, people are more than a mass of people or individuals, it is more than an idea even.

People is more than populism and ideology, it is in itself a way of living, a way in which human beings in their daily lives unfold and build their own history and culture.

The theological vision that Pope Francis presents to us of “People” is linked to poverty, to the group not necessarily marginalized but lacking possibilities, power.

Those who, in the midst of their daily life, relate to each other, help each other and accompany each other recognizing and respecting their differences and become more human as they are more supportive and close to each other.

According to Trigo, the town is “the historical subject of society and of the church”, it must be so because the people are the ones who build society and the church with their values and cultural range.

Historically, however, the people, more than subject, have been the repository of teachings and values, including policies that, rather than helping them in their process of living and walking towards the future, reduce, minimize, manipulate and exclude them.

It is here that the preferential option of Pope Francis for the Poor People gains in sense and in humanity, recognizes the people as the space where the Church “People of God” unfolds and inhabits, where the Church is built and where she must be incarnated according to the different realities in order to evangelize.

Bring the light of Christ less from the theory and more from the practice, making us close to the other, recognizing that in everyday life and in the way of relating to others, especially those who are different, is where we live the true path towards salvation.

That is to say, in the act, in practicing really and with conviction the faith that we profess, to be coherent, to be more like Jesus and to incarnate ourselves in the reality of the other taking into account that as Francisco affirms “the message revealed […] has a transcultural content. “(EG 117).

Finally, it is not necessary to impose a specific way of living the faith or to evangelize, but with the breadth of the Gospel to incarnate in the diverse realities of the peoples and from there to do the process of inculturation, with respect and mercy, which allows the people move forward and progress in their own circumstances.

As you can see, the writing of an argumentative essay integrates the vision that we as authors have on a topic together with the approaches of other authors in order to bring a new approach to the studied area or complement it.

The writing of an essay can be very simple if you support your ideas with references and especially with a focus on the subject that is captivating and that brings novelty to it.